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SwiftTax Canada, one of the leading accounting & tax service provider, is your one stop to right decisions relating to complex accounting & tax matters. At SwiftTax Canada teams of dedicated and like-minded individuals are available, who would understand your concerns and issues. Our teams based on the understanding, knowledge, forward thinking and experience offer you help, which is clear and robust. This help is aimed to ensure that you strike the right balance between the risks you face and the rewards you can reap. This whole idea of covering your risks and letting your enjoy the rewards is the core reason for our existence.

Why Us?

Accounting and tax landscape is constantly changing and leading to broadening and complex regulatory requirements as well as increased scrutiny. These changes are putting individuals, entrepreneurs, partnerships, and corporations in challenging situations and uncertain positions.

We, at SwiftTax Canada, ensure that our staff is:

  • Professionally Qualified.
  • Well Trained
  • Technically Sound
  • Specialist at Work
  • Dedicated
  • Committed in both respects, Time and Resources
  • Insightful
  • Forward Thinking
  • Confident

The above qualities of our staff, that hold as apart, imply that our staff is at all times well informed of the changing laws and regulations, their implications, the current market trends and also the emerging market trends. As a consequence, staff at SwiftTax Canada holds a clear point of view on the current accounting and tax related scenarios along with the emerging circumstances relating to both the areas of practice.

The above mentioned traits also reflect that SwiftTax Canada is not only proficient and fluent in the services they offer; but are also in a strong position to provide responsible, responsive and tailored advices that would best serve your very needs and maintain the quality of services at the highest possible level based on recent developments and changes.

Our Values?

  • We Act With Integrity - We try to uphold the highest level of professional standards and independence through-out the course of our services.
  • We Are Open In Our Communication - We are open in sharing information, advices, insights based on recent developments.
  • We Act With Honesty - We manage even the toughest situations constructively with courage and honesty.
  • We Practice Respect - We respect every team member for their knowledge, skills and experience – Our teams in turn respect our clients.
  • We Work As A Team - We ensure that our work methodologies bring out the best in each team member, leading to strong and successful teams which satisfy our clients to the best.
  • We Emphasize Transparency - We seek facts and challenge assumptions to ensure that our services are transparent.
  • We Are Committed - We are not only committed to our clients; but are also committed to our society and so we do take into account the implications, if any, of our foot prints on our society.
  • We Do Things In The Right and Fair Way - We build good strong relationships with our clients by doing things in the right and fair way.

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